All, both, and everyone: How to use pronouns (2)

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by Liz Walter

Judit Grosz/EyeEm/Getty Judit Grosz/EyeEm/Getty

In my last post I looked mainly at personal pronouns such as he, them and yours. This post looks at some other common pronouns and at errors that students often make with them.

I’ll begin with the set most closely related to those we looked at last time – the reflexive pronouns myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves. These are used when the person or thing affected by the action is the same person or thing that is doing the action.

I bought myself a new phone.

Clara looked at herself in the mirror.

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One thought on “All, both, and everyone: How to use pronouns (2)

  1. Emil Rivers

    Hi thanks for the opportunity to learn something new everyday.
    I have a question I would like to ask. How do I phrase the following statement.
    I went to town with them.
    Me and them went to town.
    Are the above correct or is it wrong.
    Please help



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