Describing Movies and Books 2

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by Kate Woodford

photosindia/Getty photosindia/Getty

Last month we looked at the language that we use to describe books and movies, focusing on words that mean enjoyable, interesting and exciting. This week, we’re looking at adjectives and phrases that describe other qualities and aspects of books and movies.

Some adjectives describe the number of things that happen in a book or movie. If it is action-packed, it is full of exciting events: an action-packed movie. In UK English, the adjective pacy is also used to describe a book or movie in which the events happen quickly: The movie is adapted from Green’s pacy thriller.

An expression that is sometimes used of books or movies where there is a lot of action and everything happens very quickly is fast and furious: The pace of the movie is fast and furious. Meanwhile, one that is slow has little action or excitement: I…

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