Words connected with driving

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by Liz Walter

 ©Natasha Japp Photography/Moment/Getty ©Natasha Japp Photography/Moment/Getty

Driving is a common activity with a very specific set of vocabulary, including a surprising number of phrasal verbs. It is also one of those areas where there are a lot of differences between British and American English. For instance, the glass window at the front of the vehicle is a windscreen (UK)/windshield (US), the place where you put your luggage is the boot (UK)/trunk (US), and the cover over the engine is the bonnet (UK)/hood (US).

When you get into a car, you fastenyour seat belt and start the engine by turning/switching on the ignition. Most cars in the US are automatic, whereas in Britain most people still drive manual cars where you have to changegear (UK)/shiftgears (US) using the gear lever (UK)/gearshift (US). You start driving in first gear and stay in…

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