She calls a spade a spade! (Idioms we use to describe our colleagues)

About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog

by Kate Woodford

boss_angryContinuing our occasional series on idioms that relate to the world of business, we look this week at phrases that we use to describe our colleagues. Of course, there are many idioms for describing people’s characters, but the sort of phrases that we use about our colleagues often relate to a few particular subjects.

One of those subjects is how politely and carefully we speak to each other at work, especially when giving our opinions. Two common idioms are used to describe the sort of people who always give their opinions in a very clear and direct way, even if this upsets people. We may say they (UK) do not mince their words(US)do not mince words or that they call a spade a spade: Anna doesn’t mince her words and it can cause offence./He calls a spade a spade and not everyone likes…

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