New words – 18 January 2016

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skype-familySkype familynouna family in which one parent is living overseas and contact is maintained through Skype

A new report published by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England (OCC) […] has revealed that around 15,000 British children are either separated from one parent and living in a ‘Skype family’ or forced to grow up outside the UK because of immigration rules introduced in July 2012.

[ 09 September 2015]

switch and swipe generationnounthe younger generation who, it is claimed, experience more change in their lives than their parents, especially in their sexual partners, homes and jobs

All change for the ‘switch and swipe’ generation: Young people now have twice as many jobs, more partners and move house more often than their parents.

[ 05 July 2015]

grey gappernouna person of retirement age who takes a year out of their normal life to go…

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